Артисти: DMX

Dmx – 4321

4, 3, 2, 1[redman] hahh [method] hah[method] yeah [redman] yeahhh[ll cool j] make it butter[redman] I`m gonna bankhead bounce![ll cool


Dmx – Atf

Got me on the runUhh, uhhBoom, boom, boom, open the door, ATFToo late to send my girl downstairs to say


Dmx – Already

See this is what the fuck we doI I`ve been seein` what y`all do(Verse 1)Cats runnin` they mouth (ALREADY)Till they


Dmx – Angel

What good is it for a man to, gain the worldYet lose his own soul, in the process?God loves you,


Dmx – Baby motha

Rapper and actor DMX along with wife pregnant wife TasheraShowed up at the Federal Court in Queens, WednesdayTo accept a

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