Артисти: Slayer

Slayer – Reborn

Convicted witch, my life will endAt midnight on the stakeMy dedicated life was spentTo insubordinateSecured by lock inside a cellImprisoned


Slayer – Scrum

No blood no gloryAll pain and furyA demonstration of dominationShow of pure intimidationFull contact why I live and breathe?Side stepping


Slayer – Skeleton christ

Unbound God`s creationHas grown into the sinnerAbandoned innocenceImpenitent transgressorEscape mortalityThey say your life can changeIf you take God`s handEmbrace rebirthYour


Slayer – Snuff

It starts with vanity, arrogance and greedPanic is my obsessionNo one can escape, the thrill is much too greatDespair is

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