Agnes – On & On

On and on This love I feel for you goes on and on This world can be a scary place And so much love goes to waste One moment everything is clear The next it all could disappear We need something to hold on to I wanna be that thing for you ‘Cause you’re not in this all alone Your heart has finally found a home (Chorus) On and on This love I feel for you goes on and on It’s something you can’t lose You’re gonna find, this heart of mine Will stand the test of time On and on Can’t you see, this is where you belong I’ve got so much to give Let down your guard and let these arms Shelter you tonight Words can be so hard to trust They made a fool of all of us Let your emotions be your guide And go with what you feel inside I know that what I feel is deep And when I play, I play for keeps I know that you’ve been hurt so bad But this is something made to last (Chorus) I can feel us moving Closer by the minute This is so amazing Have a little faith and Let me lead the way I can promise you that (Chorus) x2

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