Behemoth – At the left hand ov god

O, Serpent and Lion!I invoke Thee!Inside the shrine called lifeBy the seven wondersBy myriad mortalsThat goneAnd are to comeOutside!Outside desert ov restrictionIn act ov rebellionOn the sea ov motionStability ov matterBy serenity, strength and beautyBy the mighty chant ov every breathIn serpentine dance ov blood cellsIn simplicity ov spellsDivine names, meta-gamesI greet Thy presenceOh Snake! Thou art God!Coiled underneath my throneWith Thee I reuniteWith blood we make this covenantMyself I redefineLook in and above0There is more than the fleshLook careful and Thou may seeThe unextinguished flameThe nectar ov Thy rageI taste from the cup ov fornicationAnd woman by my sideAnd scarlet is her skinShe`s eager to riseAnd so eager to please

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