Behemoth – Blackest ov the black

From beyond all paths ov man I drew my rulesInfamous among gods and low I did fallAnd the earth hath cried aloudHark! For enraged winds and storms now awakenNow see me naked, yet draped in flamesMy pent fury to unleash upon menOv khaos I am, the disobediant oneDepraved son who hath dwellt in nothingnessUpon the ninth I fell, from grace up aboveTo taste this life ov sin, to give birth to the @I@I didst create demigods, strong in will and deedThat they may stand proud and call out thy namesHow dare thou cross the paths ov mineAnd leave my fallen sons behindOh, I shall feast in Gutter, as king ov nothingI shall feed on thee, the Mightiest OneBehold! For I am Him!Life giving flower that belongst to the dawn

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