Behemoth – Decade of oepion

AΠO ΠANTOΣ KAKOÃŽ@AIMONOΣ (APO PANTOS KAKODAIMONOS)AΠO ΠANTOΣ KAKOÃŽ@AIMONOΣWe transgress the context of commonplacenessWe deny normality, trample moralityWe destroy angels with soundWe destroy angels with silenceCurrents of tantric anarchy seize our bodiesInto the cosmic dance of four scythesThe curtains of Absurd Theatre are raisedSynchronicity – Mother Chaos on the stage@Wisdom says0 be strong!@Thrilling words are spreading down the spineVibrating… @be strong!@Exhausted I`m running towards the last shines of consciousnessWhich is absorbed by shadows of madnessAΠO ΠANTOΣ KAKOÃŽ@AIMONOΣ

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