Behemoth – He who breeds pestilence

Inflict the seed of Eve upon meThe heritage of Cain can`t be undoneThis my rejection, this my denialThat stirs with repulsive mortificationsThey attempted to deprive me from my odium of chaosThey threw my wretched body into rivers of purgatoryFor such is a consequence of my angelic natureAbortion of god in my leprous wombSoiled with the miasma of the bleakest hemisphereThe formless fires of Amenti unfoldNot nearly as frenzy as Discordia that breeds withinNot nearly as frenzy as disorder that I bringUniverse is drained, so is my heartThis earth grew weary and dullIs it the renaissance of my rigid existence?Is there a future for me beyond the stars?I drink to desolationI drink to your demiseMonarch of neglected kingdomOh, great despiser of lifeEt credo in serpentemMisterium mysteriorumIn nomen eius BaphometHearken my OphitesConsume the flesh and drink the bloodObtain communion with utmost disgraceReject the benefits of EucharistDisdain the lie, let you senses sharpenLet your eyes see in the boundless darkResist not radiant lightBe like comets slashing through the vast skiesBe like ravening wolves unchaining heartsNow drink to desolationDrink to god`s demiseMonarch of neglected kingdomOh, great despiser of lifeO leo et o serpensQui perditor perdesSis valens nobiscum

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