Behemoth – Here and beyond

Arrived we to the days ov our beginningTo the City ov God clothed with the mistsEnslaved by life we danced spinningIn the taverns of time we used to sitAnd drunk with memoriesDead moments glorifiedI saw the phantoms ov GolgothaLegion LegionFed on dust ov deadAnoited by the grey ashMad, twisted mob ov JerusalemThen Raphael beyond me and night appear`dBent and The Word was announc`dAn archangelic grreting (Jetzirah! Jetzirah!)The sign ov Portal, reality ov natureNot to be, but to becomeIn aimless wandering across the timeOn the sea ov possibilities untouched I stoodFrom my hand cracked heaven idols are falling to the pieces

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