Behemoth – Hidden in the fog

Night in the mountains comes with the fly of a ravenCarpathians bathed in the light of the moonIn the old ruins where the dying shadowsAre watching the shine from the starsNobody remembers days of glorySeveral hundreds years passed in silenceNot a soul has been seen hereO am standing on the hillSo silent in the skyI am drinking the cold of this nightOld gray wolf flying upon my feetIs licking the hand of mineIt is night0 in my heartIt is moon0 in my eyesI am hidden in a fog – my own breathSmall village in a valleySleeping in fear, in a fear of me!Loathsome race of mortalsMagic of wolfish teethes, wings of batsFaithful guards of religionOld as the blood itselfThe cult of the undeadVampirismFrenzy of lust, frenzy of pain

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