Behemoth – Modern iconoclast

The centuries ov woe have passed awayWith eternal youth at my command I unleash hell!Cast out ov Egypt were we, with lust embraced serpentine heartOur wrath shalt now shower o`er the earthPraise to thee, whose tongue doth speak fireDionisos, Orpheus, Attis, OsirisSlain now resurrected, shackled now releasedBring forth ecstasy, the ulmost delightCome wholly to me as lifes` water is poured by thy side`twas from sacred society not mother we were spawnedTo manifest by Will alone our visions, more it be!We are the khaos warriorsThe architects ov fateOur sight sees far beyondThe light of the dayOur thoughts secluded wellAmidst the darkness of nightShall be no final warningBefore our battle cry!Breathe out in ecstasy, swallow the seed of truthTransgression is the might, transgression is the keyThis is the law of scourge, the EYE ov true revengePlacing trust upon our blade against ignorance

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