Behemoth – The chant from the eastern lands

[cd 1 – Storms to Unleash]In the forests of eternal dreamingOld oaks lighted up by the fullmoon`s lightThe coldness of dungeon touches the inside of wooden mazeFrom the womb of mother-wolf I was bornThe witches foretold in the hearts of my enemiesIn the midnight wilderness I took a pledgeQuickly I fell in love with the taste of steelFor ages waiting for its denudationThe final triumphThe pure barbarityI howl to the moon for support in my battleThe moon, symbol of purity, the essence of beautyI damn the sun, rising again and againIn brightness of bloody light, steel holocaustI received hails from the northern sideof snow covered CarpathiansThe light breath of nightmare, as a signI summon the iron powers, cavalry of my brothersFrom the land of armageddish fieldsI am the bard of eastern lands…I lead my brothers for death struggle

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