Behemoth – The nephilim rising

( music by Nergal; lyrics by Krzysztof Azarewicz; acoustic outro by Seth ) I`m burning like a fucking fireMysterious Domain, Murdered ApprehensionShemyaza, Lacifarus – glow like the Sunin this final hourov Dawn ov the DuskI, heart ov all chthonic heartsvulture eye, fallen one, proclaim0 this great worldis a mirror ov my small self 0striving for infinity, shall I remain? we cannot kill the time0it is the time that kills usand I`m the answer on my questionsand blood ov my hopes and all prayers -mark the sunset, the last judgement -and my rainment… -this is the night, just black damn`d night as dethroned so enthroned, attracted… rejected…in this totality is perfection ov Me in Thee

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