Behemoth – The reign ov shemsu-hor

( music and lyrics by Nergal ) Chapter I The forbidden legacy ov a fallen race (instrumental) Chapter II Invocation ov the watch gods O Mighty Watcher!Thou art all and all art in Theefree me from moralsintoxicate with Thy self loveO Mighty Sentinel!Thou art the conscious onebreak the monotony ov existencethat I may illuminate! uncrowned in Tarterean Sulphurelder than the Memphian kingsThy reign so timeless and infiniteever silent watchers, whom mankind yet aches to embracegrand me Thy Promethean raysblacker than light…conquering lion headed godby the name ov Legion dost Thou arrive lead0 NergalThou hast seen the prophets in the desertThou hast bled for the fallen idols from beyondprevailing strength hath made Thee greaterthan the god…from amongst the million dead angels armyAzazel, begotten not ov human racehonour the divine vision ov victorious sunopen wide your glimmering eyesbathe in divinity ov lonelinessempowered in self creationshine inward!Sh e myaza! the profoundest onespread Thy wings

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