Behemoth – The universe illumination

Ov circus my world wise man call`dOv drunken trickster bedAnd not violators of thoughtsThey`re for life is a theaterIn which actors all we areBut when curtain is openThere is no time for any reh`sAnd as all lights turn`d on wereAnd the first act is begun and the lastMy mouth I openedI, purple sage in the universalAnd I spake in tongue unknownAnd behold all stood in flamesSu na`aq tem kahChaph keb ngaaSul tamed mesNo sedem cha`noUmes maog etemChaph kebLa`at qia sulibAnd hardly ye remember dark November daysWhen received ye rain ov sulfurWhen earth came apart under thine feetAnd wasn`t it rage ov thine godAnd wasn`t ye his SodomIt`s only lough mine emptySob silent and helpless gesture

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