Behemoth – Towards babylon

( music and lyrics by Nergal ) Leviathan!eternally Thy powers rage withinI am rebornpurifiedin the burning flames ov Sodomby the power ov the godsawaken the mighty Willthat shalt carry me through eternitiesFaceless One!avenge my tormentmaterialise my utmost Willbeyond all legends and mythsThou art the emissary ov the beastthwart the realm abovespawning might below background lead0 Nergal â€Å@ Give us the flesh â€Â!â€Å@ Give us the will â€Â I command!Dumuzi Lordgodhead immaculate!Thou art the suntoward the light feel no shameIa Asag!forever Thou shalt remain In victory I burnmasacrate the enemyin battle that I hath already wonThee I invokebrothers ov Ariman`s seedThou hast aroused all beings in mecome All in One

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