Cryptopsy – Benedictine convulsions

An ominous disembowelment…The soothslayer is blinded, such is fate;Abomination to damn the eyes…For the righteous, a test of faith.@We thank thee lord, for this tribulation,We sing thy praises without end;No matter how rabid the oppressor,We shall not fail thee, though we pray forStrength.@Ensnared in the web of the unjesus,The once-sacrosanct abbey isBesieged,With the braying of theNightgoat,Benedictine friars convulse.Infernal visions flay their soulsAs their bodies contort and writhe…Capricornus nocturnum haunts them,From their torment springs its delight.Impaled on one of its many legs,A bug-eyed Mary gapes on in horrorAs her only son is chewed to bitsBy spiderchrist… She is flecked with gore.Caprine morturion leads the bones

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