Cryptopsy – Screams go unheard

Lyrics by Mike DiSalvo and Gen Guay DiSalvoCryptopsy – And Then You´ll Beg – 2000Seeing that this blood sequenceIs most unfortunateHallowed be thy immortalFree from constrictionsAnd that ridiculous boundryCalled lifeFly my prettyHowever, stay close to meOmen bearer, ecstatic shiverLike a woman just crossed my graveAlmost blind sight for sour eyesAnd tickled my fancyDelicate. Pure. Mine.Simply soulmated The heaven´s serene selection God´s reflection Something tells me You might not know me now You will soonFirst fucking things first Would bet on you a smile That this other fella´ Will disapear for a while No mind to a constant observantI watchTwo is a show but three is a crowdPardon me, may i have this danceAs for you sirYour services have been rendered uselessAnd are no longer neededSleep that deep slumber

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