Devil May Cry 3 – This Party`s Getting Started

The flinch in your eyes calls your bluffFeel free to die when you’ve had enoughUseless cause is breaking your backYour life will end when you attackMake your moveMake your standMake the win(Hah) Like you canSee the warSee me ruleSee the mirrorYou’ll see a foolTo take me out you must fight like a man(To take me out you must fight like a man)You’ve yet to proven that you can(You’ve yet to proven that you can)I see your might it compares to somethingThat is if something is nothingTime to figureTime to sinYour times doneWhen you beginLive for sufferLife for revengeKnow your lifeComes to an endTaste the bloodTaste your fateSwallow your prideWith your hateYour last breathYour last stanceThe last of allIn your commandKnee’s in the bloodWith your crying pleasWade in your sorrow batheIn your fearClear your mindFrom righteousness sufferedWitness the moment yourFailures Prosper

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