Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence (originally by Simon & Garfunkel)

Hello darkness, my old friendI’ve come to talk with you againBecause a vision softly creepingLeft its seeds while I was sleepingAnd the vision that was planted in my brainStill remains within the sound of silenceIn restless dreams I walked aloneNarrow streets of cobblestone’Neath the halo of a street lampI turned my collar to the cold and dampWhen my eyes were stabbedBy the flash of a neon lightThat split the nightAnd touched the sound of silenceAnd in the naked light I sawTen thousand people, maybe morePeople talking without speakingPeople hearing without listeningPeople writing songsThat voices never shareAnd no one dareDisturb the sound of silence”Fools” said I, “you do not knowSilence like a cancer growsHear my words that I might teach youTake my arms that I might reach to you”But my words like silent raindrops fellAnd echoed in the wells of silenceAnd the people bowed and prayedTo the neon God they madeAnd the sign flashed out it’s warningAnd the words that it was formingAnd the sign said”The words of the prophetsAre written on the subway wallsAnd tenement halls”And whispered in the sound of silence

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