Dmx – Ama kill you

he who dares may not winbut if he wins then be the one who don` dare(gun fire) (police sirens) (car screaching)(all goes quiet)wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyeah yeah am back on the streetsyeah yeah gonna blow away all the creepsha ha am back muh`fuckersbest start running cus i be gunninyou say you wanna fight me but yo aint don` nothingyou just a lil pussy who`ll be crying in the morningbest thing to do is go to your mummylike usual you do you mutherfuckin dummyluke is yo name isnt it?you wont have one now listen too meyou fucking lil pussy i`ll squeeze yo headtill you bleed out yo eyes and end up deadpick you up by your fucking spinei`ll kill you instantly just like my rhymesfucker fucker fuckermother fucking fuckerdont` chu ever think abou bein with my gurl againcus i tell you summin i kill you with anything even a penwhen ?, isn`t an answersoon is the question i`ll molester you like fucking cancerwhen you lil bitch go crying too yo mateswell tell em sumthing i`ll eat dem like fish batesam gunna fucking stab youslash yo heels tell you to run huh?

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