Dmx – Atf

Got me on the runUhh, uhhBoom, boom, boom, open the door, ATFToo late to send my girl downstairs to say he leftTo the basement, go through the replacement doorCome up in my neighbor`s yard, with a taste for warYou know I laced the four, with the hallowsCrack the safe, got the bottles(Whatchu want me to do?)Beep CarlosTwo houses over by the tall black fenceI keep the hooptie parked for situations like this(Please tell me)(Yeah)There go a Priest, yo, get in, you drive(Tell me if you`ve reached)(Can you?)(What the fuck you doin` nigga?)Tryin` to stay alive(Yeah)Cops on every corner, I lay back and try to cruise byWho the fuck coulda snitched? Musta been a new guyDamn, in back on our assPut your foot back on the gas(Uhh)Step on it fastTryin` to pull up on the side, but I`m packin` to blastTryin` to take the niggaz heads off, fuck crackin` the glassHey look out barkDamn, came so close, you almost hit that bitchLike you said, @Nigga, almost@Shit, the cops hit her and I know they ain`t gon` leave herGo up here, make this left, pull it over, take a breatherHaa haa(Drop it on the floor)BoomGot it through the door, peddle to the floor, the office lineDeath is in the air, now know it`s mineBut I know if it`s time, it`ll be what it isAnd all I can think of is what about my kidsShit, they on the corner, hit the sidewalk, quickOne two three four, fire more clipsHit the fire hydrant, get low for the shootoutRun through the fire, pull a gun from my boot outCaught me in the shoulder, the neck, the earI`m goin` out fast and the last thing I hearBoom boom boom, open the door ATF

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