Dmx – Blackout

Jay! Fuck that, this is it right here baby!You know what it isYo, I used to have bad luck, now you might see me in a Jag truckMad stuck, either with a dime or a bad duckDouble-R T with the matchin` bandanna38-snub blue steel with no hammerAnd I see y`all niggaz tryin` to glance at the `Kiss`Cause I walk around with your whole advance on my wristPhonin` your women, drunk off Corona`s and lemonAnd you know I`m still writin` the mean, lightin` the greenI need to boogie, even though I look, right in the beamJudge find out it`s my team, he boost they bailsNiggaz throw us on they album, try to boost they salesWe put our pies on the table and our eyes on a label`Cause them rednecks up in the mountains`ll try to slay youThey call me Raspy, tell you what I want you to knowFuck what you ask me, you probably don`t, want me to blowI got a lot of horsepower so I`m able to skipUsually a good nigga, even though I`m able to flipYou pay 30 for the `Kiss, a 100 for The L.O.X.And if we cool, then I write a hook for a dropWhatever`s in the bank is my bet, a Z-bull`s my petAnd you can bet he`ll get the legs and the neckAiyyo, yo when my gun bust, send niggaz to the fish like SwansonNew York`s youngest Bumpy Johnson, I put fear in y`all headsSheik Luc`, type of nigga gasoline y`all bedsAnd that`s warnin`, if you all alive in the mornin`, that`s fineNow I suggest you hit the block and get what`s rightfully mineI want PC, see me? Tuck in your chainsI got niggaz my pop`s age that lifestyle ain`t changedIt`s like wake up, move a brick, half of it slowMake car money, check with Sheik, go fuck with a hoeI rock a waist length mink, do-rag under my fittedAnd I don`t even want waves, Timbs be halfway newThat`s Sheik in the dress-up club `cause I don`t fuck with shoesAnd for my nigga`s life, I swear to the Bible, let it be toldI put thirty in your head, all in the same hole`Cause we got the same goal, and you try an` tamper with mine?Don`t make me motherfuckin` leave you with some shit in your spineFuck with me you be a was nigga, nigga was dopeNigga was gettin` money `fore I extorted your coke, `ju crazy?Aiyyo, catch me with a thirty-eight, box and shellsIn a ninety-eight Lincoln eatin` pasta shellsOrder to go, always got a box of L`sBlow, stay on the low, get a Heine` and swigI`m Pinero, so I hate a snake, rat, or a pigI pop shit `cause I`m the second best, the first was B.I.G.Y`all niggaz is son-ned out, let me speak to your father`Cause I like to play chess and I swing the revolverIf I don`t like a nigga, I don`t even be botheredI spit, I`m just a crooked nigga goin` legitYou hold your nine if you holdin` a brickCommon sense, Fed drama, you hit the Bahamas, get bentL.O.X. get respect like Sonny from `Bronx Tale`Us and DMX, the Ruff Ryder cartelThirsty to live, are y`all niggaz eager to die?I tell all my niggaz ride, you won`t leave with a dime, motherfuckerI`m a monster, I sleep whole winters, wake up and spit summersGhetto nigga, puttin` up Will Smith numbersSurrounded by 6`s and Hummers, bitches among usTryin` not to let this bullshit become usIt started from hunger, till it all went insaneNow bitches notice the chains now that I hit my numberThe chickens I twisted see the digits unlistedThe beeper done changed, you dead bitch, the Reaper done cameI suggest niggaz stop speakin` my name`Cause trust me, y`all can still feel the heat in the rainI keep creepin`, streets keep watchin`, I keep poppin`Niggaz is hot heads and the bullets is heat-seekin`Jay flow for pesos, chase hoes notI just circle `round the block in a dropTell them jump through the topWhere the sun roof used to be, I could see y`all not used to meNigga flows like none other, I`m the meanestToughest Don Dada, the gun butcherYou the type that bust a lot of shots and none touch yaI`m the type that get excited, when the gun touch ya motherfuckersY`all niggaz `bout to witness a dynasty like no otherI`m headed nowhere fast run in the place, gat in my waistNiggaz wanted a taste, but wouldn`t come to my faceSo what that mean? You cats is playin` games againSo now what I do? Start namin` names again, what?All you motherfuckers know, that I speak from the heartPlay like you don`t know, L.O.X. is gon` barkWe can take it there, but to make it fair, get some more niggazStyles, Sheik, Jay, we comin` with like four niggaz, aightY`all niggaz, best to stop playin`, it`ll be the ones you forgotten aboutThat`ll get you shot in your mouth, got my dogs coveredPlus it`s all gravy like chicken when it`s smothered, what?`It`s Dark,` and I love it, get him boy, let him loose, c`monYou want it with the dog? Get a gun, let him shoot, c`mon

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