Dmx – Blown awa

From 83rd street to way across town, cats knew how I got down, `cause word got around, I was that robbery kid, with no gun and no mask, catcha nigga out the door slippin, that`s your ass, didn`t laugh much `cause I didn`t have much, life was like a stake, half gas half clutch, meanin half good and half bad, it was good if I caught a good vic, if I didn`t I was bad, took it out all my records, I comes through and if niggaz was broke, I took watches and cellulars, went to jail a few times but that didn`t stop me, all it taught me was how not to be sloppy, an older cat robbed me, when I was like 10, if anybody wanted to help, they should`ve did it then, if they didn`t then all it did was release the beast, so imma feast on whatever I come across in the streets…Like The Wind(like the wind)God Will Take(god will take)All My Sins(all of my sins)Blown Away(will be, blown away)Like The Wind(like the wind)Like The Wind(like the wind)Blown… I had a, S on my chest, fuck the best, did robbery`s for some cats and robbed the rest, other times I came through with just me n my dog, and clear out the whole fuckin block `cause we went hard, I`m back, some niggaz I knew but some niggaz I didn`t, I ain`t give a fuck either way, it was no bullshittin, a cruddy nigga out to get money, an` a couple of slugs was the only thing anybody took from me, run up on them cats smooth like, put it in his left ear, gave up the money n the jewelery, or get left here, keep thinkin it`s a game we`re playin let`s get popped, see how much fun your havin when your heart beat stop, shut `em down, open up shop, OH, NO, blew off a nigga top, somebody call the cops but it`s too late, `cause imma hitchu in the face, and what kills you is gonna be somethin that you aint…Like The Wind(like the wind)God Will Take(god will take)All My Sins(all of my sins)

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