Dmx – Born loser

The born loser, not because I choose to beBut because all the bad shit happens to meI got kids, but their mothers don`t want them to know meSisters used to like me but now they call me `homie`Used to have a family, now I`m out on my ownHad to scrap with a pit because I tried to take his boneBitches don`t like me, they don`t kiss me or hug meThey call me `kill pretty` because I`m mad uglyI used to get pussy, but I busted off quickNow I gets none so I gotta beat my dickTimes are hard in the ghetto, I gotta steal for a livingEating turkey-flavored now & laters for thanksgivingIf that ain`t enough, life is rough I swearI don`t have an address so I can`t get welfareThey kicked me out the shelter because they said I smelled aLittle like the living dead and looked like helter skelterMy clothes are so funky, they`re bad for my healthSometimes at night my pants go to the bathroom by themselfEven when I was little nothing went my wayI got beat up and chased home from school every dayAnd despite the fact I want all the brothers beesOn my report card, I didn`t get f`s, I got c`sBut for those who choose to snoozeCause I was born with no hope, I got nothing to loseThe born loser, a title I was branded withWent to liberty island, and got stranded withThe statue of liberty, but they didn`t really have toLeave my black ass there until the day afterNo time for laughter, this shit`s for realRibs are showing through my back cause I haven`t had a mealIn a week, you can see bones in my handsThe raccoons beat me to the garbage cans

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