Dmx – Bug out

[dmx]UghhhAieyo (ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!)These niggaz is crazy babyThey cant fuck wit da dog (ya know)Yo swizzSwizz (my nigga)Swizz, swizz, swizzAnotha one? (swizz)Anotha one? (anotha one? )Are we being greedy? ? ? (uh, swizz, swizz)Or what? ? ? I don`t think soUhCome on babyLike u don`t knowDa streets is (uh)To badThey`ll find yo bodyBut in pieces (uh)`cause the beast isOn some real cruddy shitAbout to split yo wig wit some bloody shitI ain`t droppin` nutitn but dat ugly shit (come on)Bite yo head like I tried yo man`cause what u sayin is nuttin(uh huh)Must really think I`m playinBut I`ll be layin

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