Dmx – Do that shit

Eve: Verse 1] Sick when she rock shit, stop when block shit Uh Stop, drop, shut `em down open up shop shit Never try to run when she pull back the cock shit Got `em goin` crazy, wonderin` when they could cop shit First lady, Ruff Ryder, honey got the hot shit Little kids be behind me screamin` out, @Can you stop miss?!!@ Star-bound, money now, for jet-black drop shit Eve guarantee, betcha` niggaz wanna pop this I know they daddy`s fiendin`, daydreamin` bout me topless Try not to move ya head, come on now, stop it Real bitches listen while they ride around and knock my shit Hustle nigga betty take yours quicker than coke profit “cause I can double it, and put Bitch on bitch, brick on brick, stich on stich, who you fuckin wit? Not me, can`t a nigga or bitch stop me You hatin` mothafuckas line up for your first copy [Nokio] [Chorus] Role it up and just lite some, UHH Y`all fuckin` with the right ones, UHH Where my niggaz with the big guns? And when you smoke that shit it`s like, @WHOA!!WHOA!!@ [Eve] Y`all fuckin` with the right ones, UHH Where my niggaz that take ones? Role it up and just lite some, UHH “cause when we smoke that shit it`s like @WHOA!!WHOA!!@ [Verse 2: Eve] Uh, yo Start the beef, hold up, ran when we roled up Tough guy, wanna try ya luck? Betcha` fold up Ask around partner, got this whole shit sewed up Gotcha` cryin` like, @Man I wanna blow up!!@ Cowards make me sick, swere to god I wanna throw-up Answer in a session with me? You better flow tough Offended? Don`t agree with what i`m sayin` nigga? So what? Question, `Can she really hold it down?` (sure enough) Now I gotta teach you respect, you better slow up You know what? Quick to take the next man shyne Philly`s where she from, but when she smoke, she like to go Dutch Quick to make him start bitchin` make the next man whine Fuckin babies!! Go ahead and lay down, it`s nap-time Same shit you spittin`, heard it in your last rhyme Ain`t to much thatchu` could do, so that`chure skills could pass mine Car eer fineto, here`s some dough, go watch a peep show

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