Dmx – Dogs 4 life

Chorus0 2xI will rob the still wit youDog nigga whaRide till we die, on till it`s onThick like blood, where`s my dogs?Uh, there`s my dogs[DMX]Now who I am is who I be until I dieNow except it or don`t fuck wit itBut if we gonna be dogs then you stuck with itLet me go my way, but walk with meSee what I see, watch me, then talk wit meShare my pain, make it a little easier to deal wit`cause despite all the fame you, I`ma keep it real witRob the steal wit, dog nigga wha, ride till we die, on till it`s onLove is love, and I enjoy the love, but when there`s conflict, then itdestroys the loveYou can`t toy with love, niggaz take it to the heartYou ain`t gonna find too many niggaz that are willing to bark in the darkLeave your head from the start, don`t fuck it up nowLater on you gonna hit me like, fuck it up how?You my dog and I`d die for you, let`s keep it like thatGive me unconditional love and I`ll give it right back(Chorus0 2x)[DMX]Most niggaz make movies, but niggaz like us make it happenOr shit we use to do, never thought we would make it rappin`But now we here, at the same place, at the same timeNow cats joke `cause they get it wit the same rhymeYeah niggaz is livin` comfortable `cause life is all goodOne thing we must remember that life is all hoodAnd the casket`s all wood, and we all take it there one dayShit today is Sunday, we both could be there on Monday

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