Dmx – Get your shit right

[dmx0]GrrrrrrrGrrrrrGrrr[jd0]Yeah.[chorus0]To all my bitches in the spot lookin` real flyAn` all my niggas wit the corner locked gettin` highAn` all my playas world wide it`s the shot or dieGetcha paper, getcha dough, getcha shit right[x2]First off, y`all niggas know I don`t slouchAn` as a kid I done did the shit you talkin` aboutI`m from the southYa heardWhere niggas fly birds outta impalasLive lavishFrom atl to dallas an` the little palaceGoin` once, goin` twiceEveryday, livin` niceIn the grey wit the iceMakin` money rollin` diceLivin` the lifeThat y`all dream ofPuttin` niggas outta buissiness like sony did to senaYou seen usThe green stuffAn nuttin` else that`s all I collectI got the hots like the loxMoney, power and respectAn` I can damn the checkThat any of y`all niggas spitI stay hittin`I ain`t bullshittin`(he ain`t bullshittin`)NiggaWit more glitterThan m.j.It`s all pimp playWhen it comes to meAn` y`all muthafuckas know how jd gets downAn` those who don`t it`s a new sheriff in townFeel me now[chorus x2][mad rapper0]Yo, let me tell you were I`m at ya`llShits kinda sad ya`llIf you ride the buses or trainsWatch ya back ya`llWho think he stallin? I still ain`t ballin`An` I got wild billsAn` a crowd that keeps callin`

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