Dmx – Go head

[styles]Ruff ryder nigga, volume 2We show niggas the meaning of ryde or dieSo all that bullshit you talking, go head nigga[jadakiss]You don`t gotta slap me five or give me a hugAnd it hurts when you gotta kill a nigga you loveBut I`m gone deal wit my enemies soonerCause I got`em looking for my solo album like kennedy jr.Fuck crush ice, go head and get your shine onI`m bout to cop rocks that y`all niggas can climb onDon`t worry bout why I ain`t got mine onI want some new shit, I don`t want nothing that you can tell time onThings ain`t all good right nowCause some more niggas die an turn all you in the hood right nowY`all can stop acting like that nigga j gone squeezeCause all I got is misdeameanors and some acd`sY`all gon make me lay something down I promiseAnd puff wear scarmas and listen to carl thomasPuff running and hide and we coping more gunsAn we coming outside cause somebody gotta die[chorus]Go head you know we getting plenty of doughGo head you know we lighting plenty of droGo head you know we coming from y-oGo head truly though go head really thoughGo head you know we hitting plenty of hosGo head you know we ripping plenty of showsGo head you know we coming from y-oGo head truly though go head really though[sheek]Now I warned y`all niggas that sheek was the oneNow I`m warning y`all niggas that I got my gunRead to kill, don`t worry bout no doctor bill

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