Dmx – Got it all

[eve]Come on, huhCome on, yo, yo, yoSome people blond peeps, red banjiesSome are moving quickly, outta townHow they gonna find her moving swiftly? Five steps ahead of the best so that`s nothingTwenty steps ahead of the rest they left stuckAnd in they face not, what not? I can`t stand broadsRidiculous niggas practice for the title "hard"Me pick of the litterI was born to bubble y`allBorn to change game shit born to stand guardPlay games you left nameless, fame hardPromise that it`s never painlessNigga be hardConvinced that you can take over the eveEat nigga let starveStrong as a stallion maidenYou better dartIs she feminine with pretty women friends all dimes!Timberlands is how I like my men and all mindsRough ryde you niggas hard head, soft spinePass the wordMust have the stacks to cross linesCome on[eve]Don`t want your doughI don`t want your car(uh-uh)Don`t want your jewelsNo not at all(nope)With them other broadsYou might rule it all(uh-huh)But not with meSorry boo I got it all(come on)[eve (jadakiss)]Don`t want your doughI don`t want your carDon`t want your jewelsNo not at all(yeah right)With them other broadsYou might rule it allBut not with meSorry boo I got it all[jadakiss]Yo a chick is a chickA nut is a nutAnd they always keep an attitudeTill you butter `em upSince I ain`t gotta buy you stuffWho gon` hold you downIf they try to run in here and tie you upNow don`t start flippin` itEverybody knowWe`ve been had doughY`all just start gettin` itMoney might make you grownBut you still need a dog to take you homeAnd make you moanYou ain`t gotta see the bank for loansAll I do is party and bullshit like when frank was homeAnd you got it all boo I got it all tooA four, five, and a six and they all blueAnd I don`t care what she thinkIf I offered you any ice love it`ll be in the drinkAnd instead of talking `bout what you got and all thatJust make sure when I hit you that you call backCome on, uh-huh[eve (jadakiss)]Don`t want your dough(uh-huh)I don`t want your car(yes you do)Don`t want your jewelsNo not at all(stop lying)With them other broads

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