Dmx – Holiday

YeahL o x niggaIt don`t stopIt keep goin, and goin, and goin, and goinMotherfuckers[styles paniro]You heard it from the p, you oughta know it`s the truthI get you kidnapped and raped and thrown off a roofYou could nod your head to this like it`s only a rap`cause when these bullets hit your ass I`m like it`s only a gatI need a funeral to feel good, I`m hopin it`s yoursThink you delicious, heard he got shot in the crossHoliday styles, bitch I broke most of the lawsFuck with the poor, so flip to the boots, stick to the truthDo anything it takes just to give it a slueAnd missin a tooth, but both of `em chipped, toaster is grippedYou heard about the trouble, I start most of the shitWhen I squeeze ain`t no controllin the wristAnd niggas leave the room when the hear the p blowin his whisI`m an ignorant and negative niggaI sell crack, bust guns, pop shit, and say I`m better than niggasYou think not, I`ll look at your man and level a niggaIf you think a rapper`s better why don`t you give me his nameSo I can run up on him, tear him up and give you his frameWhen it comes to the streets, I`m the nigga to callFive eight and three quarters, but I`m bigger than y`allIf I left the gun home, i`ma give you the swordI`m the devil in the flesh, I can`t give you the lordIt don`t make no sense for you to pray for your lifeI got my niggas in the crib, you oughta pray for your wife[chorus0 jadakiss and styles][jadakiss0] uh huh, holiday[styles0] I gotta make it to heaven for goin through hell[j0] holiday

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