Dmx – I can, i can

From the wood soundtrackUh, ruff ryderz, dmx, swizz beatz[verse 1]I be, I be that dog that gots to flowThat`s why, that`s why baby I gots to blowAnd you, and you know it`s straight from the gutterBecause, because it`s gettin darker than a motherSlow down, slow down partner you movin too quickOh now, oh now gotcha, your crew and them sickWhat now, what now nigga, you feelin this shit? But how, but how is this nigga killin this shitDon`t think, don`t think that it couldn`t happen againDon`t blink, don`t blink `cause I put a (? ) in your chinThen what, then what niggas is gonna see you deadFor what, for what over some shit a bitch saidBut why, but why did your life mean so liitle? I tried, I tried but you got me caught up in the middleThis is, this is what it all comes down toI did, I did what a nigga had to do, come on[hook]Don`t worry `bout me`cause I`m a be the dog that I am, you know, d

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