Dmx – Kiss of death

JadakissAhh!! they tryin-they comin` for my head po (uh) they`re tryin` to put pressure on a nigga huh, short notice (uh-huh) got sumpin` for them niggaz though (uh-huh) yoVerse 1I`m like the dow jones of rap, my stocks is highAnd it never was all of, so stop the liesMothafuckas`ll blow your brains out, and watch you bleedThe same niggaz that you trust, let `em watch your seedYou got a dead niggaz, money don`t stop the greedThat`s why now I gotta rock my vest, pop my 3And whoever die first, may God forgiveThe nigga who lives, sometimes you gotta handle your bizTo my niggaz when I die, keep inhalin` the lyeAnd come to my wake high, when your tellin` me byeWhat goes around comes around, am I comin` or goin`? All I`m tryin` to do is leave you numb, gunnin` or flowin`I might cock-back the gauge, and start shootin` at `cha peopleI`m lookin for the devil “cause money`s the root of evilAnd `kiss won`t be happy `til my bezel look see-thruUntil I flood n-y with pediquo and diesleCatch me with the top, off my whipBust my gun while it`s still tucked so you could hop, off my dickI run with a few parolees, all thieves, that rocks ice blue pacholies and roliesAt the mob meetin`, keep quite when the God speakin`Squeeze my joint, `til my mothafuckin` palm squeakin`And nevermind who the lox`ll sign to (that`s right)What difference do it make nigga? just listen to the tape nigga (c`mon)ChorusJay to the mmwwaa, hustle coke, ryde or die (uh)Kiss hand-wash money, let it drip dry (uh-huh)Jay to the mmwwaa, keep cowards on their toes (yeah)Kiss push the drop, rock the ice, get the hoes (uh)Jay to the mmwwaa got the smash on the block (uh-huh)Kiss got the label`s tellin` niggaz not to drop (tell `em)

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