Dmx – Let me be your angel

Let me be your angel, let me be the one… (let me be 3x)You believe in,Verse 10It started of dark, mostly night,Wouldn`t dare let my darkness bring someone light,I gladly go through it all for the purpose of a lesson,That will hopefully turn out to be a blessing,no second guessing,Let me be an example of how strong this love is,And to never put anything above his, `cause what if,It wasn`t unconditional, then what whould we do,If he did how we do,We know we wouldn`t supose to do the things that we did but we did `em,And if that wasn`t bad enough then we hit `em,But you saw it all, So we only ly to ourselfesHelp us, save us from hell,Let me be!Chorus0Let me be your angel, let me be the one for you, Let me be your angel, let me be the one… (let me be 2x, let me see!)You believe in,Verse 20I ask a lot of questions, `cause I need a lot of answers,Sometimes I think I need to ask the questions faster,Surrounded by confusion, am I winning or losing?Is it because the lifestyle that I`m choosing?Ups and downs, Right from wrongs,Goods from bads, Rob out the ghetto all the good I had,

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