Dmx – Look thru my eyes

Judge not and shall be judged firstDie nigga, die niggaLook in my eyes, see what I seeDo what I do, be what I beWalk with my shoes that hurt your feetAnd know why I lurk the streetsBurning in hell, but don`t deserved to beGot niggas I don`t even know that wanna murder meIt`s because they heard of meAnd they know that the Dark is for realThe bark is for real, when you see that spark it`ll killBe poppin, robbin and chill, take it over there bark wit` itFrom Ohio to Cali to Baltimore back to New York wit` itCome through flyin`, a 129Up the school street `cause I come through mineBarking my dogs, get at me niggaArf arf arfGet at me niggaWhat the deal is, never forget what real isThem cats that used to say X is the best know he still isCan`t help but feel this, putting goosebumps on your armsTake you there if you want but I lose chunks with the bombThen come for the starDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and it`s getting warmFeel me yoI can understand why y`all niggas is scared of meAnd why the big dogs never wanted to play fair with me`Cause I leave blood wherever I go, wherever I flowWherever I blow niggas who know I can goFeel me yoWhat is it about the Dark that gets niggas where they about to sparkAbout to bark, take it to the heart `cause it`s real like thatGive him chills, but do I make him feel like thatShit is real, what you don`t know is gon` getchaWith the steal, what you don`t know is gon` splitchaI can blaze tracksMake niggas play raps and raise stacksPaybacks a bitch, didn`t you used to say thatPlay around in dirt, you get mugged`Cause you know, I can either spread love or shed bloodAnd bloodshed turns to mudred and real stickyOr I can hit you from roof, make it a quickyFor realI bear my soul, niggas wouldn`t dare, my roleGives a nigga a heart of gold but with a holeLost all control, my shoulders hold a lot of weightJust like first time soldier eighth done told us not to hateBut then it`s out of state, and it`s too lateFor change is to be madeThat`s what I get for fucking with strangers in the shadeThis is it, that nigga`s got to give me a placeFor the same reason that fate, chose to give me awayTake away hate, now I`m supposed to love the one that cursed meThe one that wouldn`t give me a cup of water when I was thirstyIt was always his versus me, but now I gotta teach himPersonal feelings put aside, `cause now I gotta reach himWhat I`d like to do is turn my head, like I don`t know himBut it seems like I`ve been called on to show himSo I`ma show himAnd if you never met me, then you`ve no right to judge meI`ve got a good heart but this heart can get uglyFeel the pain, feel the joy, of a man who was never a boy. For realArf arf, arf, arf, arf

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