Dmx – Mills

F/ faith evans[dmx]I know that my savior livesAnd at the end, he will stand on this earthMy flesh may be destroyed, yet from this body, I will see godYes, I will see him for myself – and I long for that momentGrandma, I really miss you and it ain`t been the sameI drop a tear when i, hear yo` nameMariella holloway, why you gotta be so far away? Used to say, "don`t worry, it`s gon` be okay"But it ain`t – it`s like when you left, you took the lord witchuWhy couldn`t I come when he came to get you? Damn I really miss you – I had to say it againI remember the time when I was like tenCrept up in the neighbor`s yard, yeah, bein hard headedYou told me I would get it – you said it!And boy did I get it, but after you spanked me, you hugged meKissed me on my forehead, told me that you love meAnd I saw, that it hurt you, more than it hurt meI thought – how bad could this hurt be? I know nowThat`s why it`s only done out of loveWhat I wouldn`t give for one mo` hug, from grandma[chorus0 faith evans]Baby it`s gon` be okay (she used to tell me that)Baby it`s gon` be okay (I really miss hearin)Baby it`s gon` be okay (she used to tell me that)Baby it`s gon` be okay (I really miss hearin)[dmx]What I`m about to say a couple of family members is gon` hate meBut i`ma let you know what`s been goin on latelyNow you know since you left, a lot of things witcho kids done changedYeah jackie`s still crazy, don`t know what`s up with jamesAin`t seen jerry in a while, you know he walk like youAnd renee`s back in jail, you know she talk like youRiculah`s(? ) doin real good now, she workinRhonda`s still runnin around, trickin, jerkin

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