Dmx – My name is kiss

[verse 1]Yo, yo, I know niggas wit honor and willThat`ll still crush the blow up and then pass they mama the billSo i`ma always be able to burn my strip`cause my bags be stuffed and I burn my tipsAnd it ain`t no tellin what the snub`ll doSo when y`all go and cop s`s cop one for your mother tooAnd I`m way better than them other dudesBut I`m stuck wit, what I`m stuck wit`cause I don`t suck dickSat with the plays and I stood with the culturesAnd i`ma always be in the hood like roachesFlow is ferocious, dough is ferociousTwo guns by each lung with no holstersAnd I control all the fishscale in the cityAnd still make your first week sales look prettyI come through, all you hear is chip in the mufflerAnd you could ask anybody if the kiss is a hustler[chorus0][styles0] he`s a hustler[jadakiss0] I hustle anywhere, any town, any borough, any strip, uh[s0] he`s a gambler[j0] I always hold it down, gettin bankroll in 4, 5, 6 in trips[s0] he`s a gangster[j0] I always make the paper and the fbi got me on they list, that`s why[s0] he`s a ruff ryder nigga, ryde or die nigga[j0] by the way, did I tell you that my name is kiss? [verse 2]And I don`t understand how a broke nigga could chillWhen a two liter`ll dust you so get you a milYes I got loose ends, poppin out the sunroof of the blue mI`m like lou simsAnd i`ma make sure they hit you wit both shottiesI think this summer`s gon be the most bodies

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