Dmx – My niggaz (skit)

Just `cause I love my niggaz, Ruff RydersI shed blood for my niggaz, Ryde or dieLet a nigga holla, @Where my niggaz?@Get down or lay downAll I wanna hear is, @Right here, my nigga@We here, niggaYou won`t take this from me, babyYou will not take this from me, baby, ya knowMy niggaz, some niggaz that you don`t wanna tryMy niggaz, some niggaz that`s really do or dieMy niggaz will have you cowards ready to cryMy niggaz will fry, my niggaz will robMy niggaz keep niggaz on they fuckin` jobMy niggaz know what it`s like when shit gettin` hardMy niggaz stay pullin` you other niggaz cardsMy niggaz, it`s God, my niggaz, we`ll shineMy niggaz, just knew it was a matter of timeMy niggaz let me know to keep fuckin` with the rhymesMy niggaz ain`t no longer livin` with crimeMy niggaz is fine, my niggaz is goodMy niggaz keep you niggaz knockin` on woodMy niggaz know how to take it back to the hoodMy niggaz will put you down right where you stoodMy niggaz, they could, my niggaz, they willMy niggaz take you straight to the back an` get illMy niggaz give it straight to the bank when we killMy niggaz put niggaz on ice `til they chillMy niggaz is still my niggaz is dogs, my niggaz

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