Dmx – Never gonna lie

[DMX] Uh-huh (Y`KNOW?) .. ARF! Uhh.. Take it for what it`s worth, my birth was a blessing Sent to live and die, on earth as a lesson We each have a star, all we have to do is find it Once you do, everyone who sees it will be blinded (WHAT?) They`ll tell you that you`re bright, and say you have a future When you turn your back, same cats`ll try to shoot ya Niggaz ain`t shit, I can live on both sides of the fence Forget what you do, when you talk, see what you really meant (aight?) That`s what I thought, them niggaz was bluffin (uh) They talk all day but say, nothin (uh) It gets so dark (WHAT?) haze so intense Since this first rain it`s like it`s rained ever since (WHAT?) Never got paid for a rhyme but I flow (whoo) Never got a plate on time but I grow (whoo) Live your life, STAY on the line but I go (UHH) Went from doin crime to bein kind cause I know Chorus0 DMX (repeat 2X) I`m gon` live forever, I`m never gon` die Only thing I fear is that I`m never gon` fly Carry my weight but I`m never gon` cry Shit I tell y`all niggaz straight cause I`m never gon` lie [DMX] What is about who I am that makes me unforgettable (HMM) What it is about what I`ve done that makes it so incredible (uhh) @More money, more problems@ — well the fame was worse (uh-huh) I reached out for love and what came back was thirst (WHAT?) Blessed with the curse (uh) niggaz don`t hear me Niggaz don`t hear me, Y`ALL NIGGAZ, don`t hear me (uh) What`d I just say? @Nigga g`head@ – you see that?

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