Dmx – Niggaz done started something

Yo, ayo let`s get papers and pop more with holes up in skyscrapersIn condominiums, overlooking our drug capersNew York City, know only way to play is grittyI want cheddar, so we can front up in the 850My whole comity like to puff L`s and look jiggyWho wanna test this? My semi leave you chest lessAnd ain`t shit that you can say to me when you be breathlessYoung, but I done did shit that you won`t doSo go ahead wit the bullshit you blab about goin` throughI got niggaz who pump on your block and in your spotWho sit next to you? Protectin` you? But they`ll murder you, playaDon status, nigga we gettin` chipsesisAnd bad bitchsesis, frontin` in eclipsesisAyo, Mase and The Lox we takin` knots from the out of state spotsAny nigga make it hot, get found in vacant lotYou don`t really wanna come try, the one guyWho stay dumb high from blunt lye the rack of sing-sing alumniWho got more beef than a Islamic farmSo I pack enough sonic arms to neutralize atomic bombsIt`s not a nigga in your gang want itMy AK slay gays, spray strays wit niggaz names on itOften I bug, then we`ll soften a thugHave a chump coughin` blood, fill his coffin with slugsYo, you know I got enough guns to wreck a nationAny nigga wave a Tec at Mase, and, have a explanationYou bring your crew and `em and I`m doin` `emThen I`m beatin` `em down with aluminum, then I`m puttin` two in `emYou can`t touch me, I`ve been devil sent, wanted for embezzlementA lot of other things, but that`s irrelevantIf you love the money, then prepare to die for itNiggaz done started somethin`You can lay in the flames, or hug the sky for itNiggaz done started somethin`If you love the money, then prepare to die for itNiggaz done started somethin`You can lay in the flames, or hug the sky for itNiggaz done started somethin`Yo, check out the kid that get coke like SosaNever turned down chocha be in the CostaRica, sippin` margaritas with a mamiCleanin` my Tommy, showin` love to my armyWhenever The Lox find rippy blocks, we kill `emYeah I hear niggaz, but I still don`t feel `emAnd this for the listeners, and prisonersAnd them jealous rap cats that prefer dissin` usMy 16`s be so real, you can feel `em in your vainLike Ramello`s pops from SugarhillJ be the `cause for the kiss at your wakeCartel lips, spittin` clips at your face, we started from the bottomYou`ll see bad niggaz pardon, whatever we can do it at the GardenWord life, this shit is real bigI`m makin` niggaz blow trial even if they not guiltyI want a palace for my thugs, wit oriental rugsGreen bags from drugs, get wacked for the loveTwenty niggaz batter me, still couldn`t shatter meI`m only gettin` up, splittin` up your anatomyOfficial lock family, grants niggaz handin` meI want the finer things, and I hope you understandin` meSittin` at the table, plannin` and plug the fan inLet the sweat dry off and then grab your cannonThink you smartest, and retaliate the hardest, regardlessIf you a thug or a rap artist, respect me like PesciAnd if rap was hockey, I be Gretzky, puffin` NestleAny ya niggaz done started somethin`Actin` invincible like you God or somethin`If you God, then I`m a makes a lot till you rotAnd if you a playa, then play for everything you gotAnd if you a thug, then start bustin` off shotsAnd if you a dog, you better bite before you barkIf you love the money, then prepare to die for itNiggaz done started somethin`You can lay in the flames, or hug the sky for itNiggaz done started somethin`Don`t came at me with no bullshit, use caution`Cause when I wet shit, I dead shit, like abortionsFor bigger portions, of extortion then racketeeringGot niggaz fearin`, fuck what you heard, this what you hearin`How much darker must it get, how much harder must it hit?See if your hardest niggaz flip, when I start a bunch of shitI like pussy, but not up in my face, so gimme three feet`Cause when we creep, no more than three deep, niggaz see sheepBloodhounds found your shit buried in the mudFollowing traces of gun powder, residue and bloodA positive ID is impossible, so you knowJohn Doe is what they gonna` be puttin` on that tag on your toeNow who gonna tell yo mother, her baby`s under a cover in the morgueStiff as a log, sniffed out by the dogsSon of a hard headed nigga that wouldn`t listenSo you got what you came for what`s that?Surgery wit the chainsaw, I hit the fuckin` streets`Cause like I said before ain`t nothin` goin` down until I eatMu` fuckers think it`s all about impressin` bitches and stressin` bitchesWell, I`m testin` bitches game, adressin` bitches, and caressin` bitchesAnd dealin` with mu`fuckers on all levelsWhat I`m dealin` with is all devilsFuckin` with snakes, runnin` with niggaz you call rebelsI got an army of 730 niggaz, dirty niggazThat come through and worry niggaz 30 niggaz that like to bury niggazAnd scary niggaz get it all the time `cause what they got is all of mineYour man was talkin` shit until I pulled the nineAnd if I don`t know you, I don`t fuck with youAnd if you with my man, then he gettin` stuck with youAnd gave it the money`Cause I just lost my mind when he crossed the lineSent his back through his chest then I tossed the nineBoss of crime, Black Gotti, I stack bodies wit the black shottyBitch-ass niggaz who act snotty, get itThese niggaz is for real, these niggaz ain`t playin`This ain`t no fuckin` game, you think we playin`? Ruff Ryders

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