Dr. Dre и Hittman и Kurupt – Housewife

[Chorus: Kurupt]Now this this is one of them occasionswhere the homies not doin it rightI mean he found him a hoe that he likeBut you can’t make a hoe a housewifeAnd when it all boils down you gonna find in the enda bitch is a bitch, but a Dogg is a man’s best friendSo what you found you a hoe that you likeBut you can’t make a hoe a housewife (wife) [Dr. Dre]I mostly sold dick while I packed a gold clipWorked my money-maker, she got paper, she bout to trip(Where the fuck is my money?) I cannot G guiltyYou pimpin strong, but comin home, to sheets that be filthyShe on the dillzy, I take advantageAll up in them panties, I got this bitch speakin SpanishI’m mannish – get yo’ nails out my backSlut I’m bout to nut and get up, go scrub yo’ catLearn the player rules, this is how I play a dudeMight not be a freak, but she got on the choosin shoesDollar signs are folded, I can’t control itTryin to leave her, beeper just explodedShe sweatin me, won’t let me, broad turned fraudNow she on this dick huh, got her turnin tricks huhMan it’s a trip I don’t trip I’m in yo’ Lexus flexinI left her up in Dallas, Texas – assed-out [Chorus][Hittman]Naw hoe is short for honey, almost had her Wailin like BunnyTellin tales of bein pregnant, catchin Norstrom sales with abortion moneyI spotted her, seen her with my nigga when I shot at herNow we got beef, he caught up in the hoe’s eroticaExotic – she’s psychotic, rockin his NauticaSoon he’ll need antibiotics (sucka bitch)Name a sexual disease, she got it like Sam GoodyYou be like, “Damn how could she hit me off with chlamydia?”Fool I pity yaWe live in the city off, ballerswith more bouncin than a Zapp, she will doo-wah-diddy-yaPrettier to grittier, the wittier can get herto the Hotel, Niko, on some Sauve shit like, RicoThat’s when I caught a Vision like ColecoA high-post hoe, a perfect way for me to keep doughHuh, have her sellin ass on Bronson Ave. and Pico [Kurupt]At the ho-tel, mo-tel, or the Holiday Inn (say what nigga?)I said if that bitch keep fuckin up (beotch) then we’ll fuck her friendsI said I dip, dive, what can I say?Niggaz need to stop fuckin with O.J.Some niggaz bang blood, some niggaz bang cripAnd bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricksI had to dream of hoes, I had to scream at hoesI seen my hoes in all kinds of clothesLil’ Almond Joy, I truly enjoyif you blew my balls, right through my drawersCome back to the mansion, chill at the spotFrom the way she was blowin, I know she does it a lotI have a eight-and-a-half, nine-and-three-quartersThe hoe started callin when I started boss ballinGimme some head, gimme some ass (uh-huh)Gimme some cash, pass it to DazPass it to Snoop, or pass it to NateHoes eat dick like eggs and steakThat ain’t shit new, I thought you knew (what?)I knew you would, you wish you couldbreak a G down, break me downBut I’ma see you on the rebound (what what?) D.P. style [Chorus][door slams][D.O.C.]Lil’ 1/2 Dead [1/2 Dead??]Lil’ 1/2 Dead the money jumped out to sayol’ Snoop Dogg on the look out boy? [D.O.C.]Yeahhh [some hoe]He gotta be MORE than 1/2 Deadif he don’t fill my motherfuckin drink up! [1/2 Dead??]Or fill your motherfuckin mouth up [D.O.C.]Ahhhhhh-HAHAhahahahAHAHH [some hoe]I don’t think so!!

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