FireFlight – So Help Me God

You sit beside meAnd I love youBut I hate youI don’t want to feel this wayBut I can’t stopYou reach for my handBut I move itBefore you canI won’t let you have thePower once again[Chorus:]So help me, GodTo let this goTo let this goSo help me, God(Become what I believe)To break this hold(I’m afraid to leave)To find myself(I just need to breathe)You think you know meBut you changed meInto somebodyThat I don’t ever want to be againI’m letting go nowOf this burdenI’ve been holdingI’ve been hurting myself now for way too long[Chorus]It’s not too lateIt’s not too lateTo leave it all behindIt’s not too lateIt’s not too late[Chorus x2]

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