FireFlight – You Gave Me A Promise

The waves are crashing down on meBut I know that this cannot be the end, be the end…Right now I feel like copping outWill You hold me up, if I just sayThat I will stay[Chorus:]I will hold on to this hope that I haveYou gave me a promiseYou gave me a promiseI’ll push through this moment, I’ll never give upYou gave me a promiseYou gave me a promiseI’m so tired that I can’t standBut I know that time will heal this heart, heal this heart…With every door that’s slamming shutA new one’s there to lead me where You are[Chorus]You, You call out to meYou’re just out of reachBut I’m closing inI’m still going, still believing in Your word[Chorus x2]

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