Ice Cube – A Bird In The Hand

[Big Bird: Sesame Street]Hey look at this! I was cleaning out my nestand I found a book of my old poetry[Ice Cube]Fresh out of school cause I was a high school gradgots to get a job cuz I was a high school dadWish I got paid like I was rappin’ to the nationbut thats not likely, so here’s my applicationPass it to the man at AT&TCuz when I was in school I got the a. e. e.But there’s no s. e. for this youngstaI didn’t have no money so now I have to hunch theBack like a slave, thats what be happeninbut whitey says there’s no room for the AfricanAlways knew that I would boycott, jeezbut welcome to McDonalds can I take your order pleaseGotta sell ya food that might give you cancercuz my baby doesn’t take no for an answerNow I pay taxes that you never give me backwhat about diapers, bottles, and similacDo I gotta go sell me a whole lotta crackfor decent shelter and clothes on my back?Or should I just wait for help from Bushor Jesse Jackson, and operation PushIf you ask me the whole thing needs a doucha masengel what the hell cracker sale in the neighborhoodTo the whorehouse bitches,Miss porker, little joe or Todd BridgesOr anybody that he knowso I got me a bird, better known as a kiloNow everybody know I went from po’ to a nigga that got doughSo now you put the feds against mecause I couldn’t follow the plan of the presidencyI’m never givin’ love againCuz blacks are too fuckin broke to be republicanNow I remember I used to be cooltill I stopped fillin’ out my W-2Now senators are gettin’ hiredand your plan against the ghetto backfiredSo now you got a pep talkbut sorry, this is our only room to walkCause we don’t want a drug pushBut a bird in the hand is worth more than the bushtell the politicians, the hustlers: live and let live (yeah)tell the politicians, the hustlers: live and let live (yeah)

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