Ice Cube – Dead Homiez

[Verse One:]Up early in the morning, dressed in blackDon’t ask why? ‘Cause I’m down in a suit and tieThey killed a homie that I went to school with (Damn!)I tell ya life ain’t shit to fool withI still hear the screams of his motherWhile my nigga laid dead in the gutter (Shit!)And it’s getting to my templeWhy is that the only time black folks get to ride in a limo?It makes me so mad I want to get my sawed-inAnd have some bodies hauled inBut no, I pay my respects and I’m through (whaddup Cube?)Hug my crew, and maybe shed a tear or twoAnd I wanna get blitzGrab my 40 ounce and then I reminisceAbout a brother who had to be the one and onlySo I dedicate this to my dead homiez…[Verse Two:]Another homie got murdered on a shakedown [three gun shots]And his mother is at the funeral, havin’ a nervous breakdownTwo shots hit him in the face when they blasted [two gun shots]A framed picture and a closed casketA single file line about 50 cars longAll drivin’ slow with they lights onHe got a lot of flowers and a big wreathWhat good is that when you’re six feet deep?I look at that shit and gotta think to myselfAnd thank God for my health’Cause nobody really ever knowWhen it’s gonna be they family on the front rowSo I take everything slow, go with the flowAnd shut my motherfuckin’ mouth if I don’t know (Word!)’Cause that’s what Pops told meBut I wish he could have said it…to my dead homiez[Verse Three:]I remember we painted our names on the wall for funNow it’s “Rest in Peace” after every oneExcept me, but I ain’t the one to frontSeems like I’m viewin’ a body after every monthPlus, I knew him when he was yea bigPour beer on the curb before I take a swigBut somethin’ ain’t rightWhen it’s a tragedy, that’s the only time that the family’s tightLovin’ each other in a caring moodThere’s lots of people and lots of foodThey say “Be Strong” and you’re tryin’But how strong can you be when you see your Pops cryin’?So that’s why Ice Cube’s dressed upBecause the city is so fuckin’ messed upAnd everybody is so phonyTake a little time…to think about your dead homiez.

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