Ice Cube – Rollin’ Wit The Lench Mob

You can’t fuck with the criminal rapping over gangsta shitFirst I load the clip and then I make the hitI know some y’all can’t fade thisLench Mob niggas are the craziestSo you and your boys are ass-outWhen I’m rollin in a seven-deuce glass houseThe Mob ain’t nothing but a menaceWhen we get the motherfucking dog in usPlaying them old beatsI’m pouring out some of my beer for my homiesReady to peel your capYou can’t believe “Faces of Death” on waxSome say the Mob ain’t positiveMan fuck that shit cause I gots to liveHow I live and you could either give a fuck punkYo or get your ass buckedSome rappers are heaven-sentBut Self-Destruction don’t pay the fucking rentSo you can either sell dope or get your ass a jobI’d rather roll it wit the Lench MobTo be down with the Mob is simpleMind your own you want a spot find your ownAnd take mine if you’re badder than the strong manI do the right thing I do the wrong thingDo anything cause I ain’t faking the sceneIt’s all about how much bacon you bringAnd if you see something from the gat I will stuff itYo you ain’t seen nothingCause if you testify you’re living blindCause in the city you live and let dieRolling with the fools One Time can’t beatOn my knees in the street interlock my hands and feetHe said “I know you” I said “you mightMy name is Ice Cube I did a song you didn’t like”So he soaked me up like BountyHad to do a week in the countyA piece of cake it was just like a partyCause in the county you know everybodyNo I didn’t kill or steal or robLocked up for what cause I’m rollin wit the Lench MobIf you know a female that’s rollin with the Lench MobWatch your step cause the gat is keptIn the purse like my homegirl Yo-YoYou gotta be down and you can’t be a hoe noCause if you are I’ll be the first one to bust you outAfter my crew I’ll be the first one to rush you outGet the picture or bitchYou’ll get the eighty-sixIf she wanna try and mixBusiness and pleasure make up your own mindYou gotta be a hoe on your own timeDon’t sleep cause even on a solo creepYo the Mob is still deepAnd we’ll play ya just like a nit-witYou thought you got with the crew you can’t get withSo get the noose ready for the lynchingNow 235 is what I’m benchingBut nowadays it’s still not enoughI got something guaranteed to stop the bum rushGive me the gat, step back, and watch me do the jobRolling with the motherfucking Lench Mob

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