Ja rule – Crime life

(DJ Clue)The ProfessionalPart TwoComing real soon!New shit! Crime life!Memph Bleek!Cease!Ja!(Memphis Bleek)Nigga, picture me hot, then picture me notIn this spot with this glock and these rocks to copsI know every basehead from here to the wastelandWith keys, and connects me and Cease ???Sell water from the cookpot, ain`t that raw?My razors? 20 dollars, here`s a case of fourYou supply that, shit I put a hole where your mind atPush your hairline back, fucking with this sly catYou know exactly what I`m talking about (Clue!)You know the game and this life, what this thug aboutOne of the last real niggas trying to get in the gameBut the verse on the first on the strip getting paidYou feel me? Niggas spending ??? for the jewelryThen run around frontin like they money is filthyI`m in the game to clean minds, fuck you want?I had coke for too long, I supply that boat[Chorus] (Ja Rule)This life we gon` live it upWhen the dough gets tough we gon` get it upAnybody hate on us, we hit `em upBaby we can`t be touched, niggas give it up (Repeat x2)Crime life!(Lil` Cease)Yo, yo!When it`s on it`s on, writing`s on the floorGuts in his bed, the blood`s on us allBefore he hit the floor, Bleek hit him some moreI`ve been in the spot, pop the buscuit, the coke out the drawerHere niggas grimy, we take ends out your pocketsI want the kid`s pictures and the cars and the walletsHe wants them big things like them ?Tits? and ?Dolly Partons?Got mad bodies, ?Roy is hotter than Cochran?Besides niggas albums, a lot about droppingFuck break dancing, our guns do the poppingWe don`t stop, we drop, shut it downRock the undergrounds, cock then gun `em downNow, you want war? Fuck guns, bring grenadesFuck all you sons thats dockin that shade

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