Ja rule – Down ass chick

@Down 4 U@(feat. Vita, Ashanti, Charlie Baltimore)New…Ja Rule, Vita, Charlie Baltimore, Ashanti…Fat Joe, All Murder Inc…Irv Gotti, Chris, TNT…Whaaaat……[Chorus0]I wanna be your chickI wanna be down for you(Do ya trust me?) Yeah(Love me?) Yeah(You`re puttin` it on me Ya must be)Ya down ass chickI wanna be your chick(It ain`t only for the RULE baby)I ride for u, Down for uDo anything ya want me toI be ya down ass chick[Ja Rule0]This chick no intentions of bein` offensiveThe women by callin ya`ll bitchesMy down ass bitchesStill my queen bitch`s cut look cleanOn ya finger next to the finger ya flipped at meAnd this no in between me and youOnly me and youWho else gon` put it on me like the RULEGod only looks after children and foo`sAnd you not so who gon` look after youIt`s RULE baby[Vita0]True babyIt`s only for you babyVita thighs only divide if you besideCuz I love the way you touch meNobody can get itAnd if it`s comin` and gunnin`Just come in it and spit itSo when ya gone for a minuteI just fantasize like if it`s you It`s all in itThen I`m satisfied til` you come back to meHoldin stack and jewelsV-i-t-a and my nigga J-a RULE baby[Chorus0][Ashanti0]

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