Ja rule – E dub and ja

[Ja Rule] Uh yeah It`s Ja Rule baby It`s E Dub Yeah Def Squad Uh Y`all motherfuckers think it`s a game right? Get da name right R U L E baby My shit is airtight Compressed dead all da non sense Pass da 4 5th and load up the cartridge E Reved up da 6 We about to blow out like bitchez wit bad kidz Once u feelin da slugz hit Datz as real as it gets Then you wonda Why da quake can come from unda-neath, while you figure it out You on da streetz Laid out wit da gun still stuck in yo mouth Fuckin wit Ja is suttin Niggaz fearfully doubt `cause I don`t give a fuck I don`t give a fuck, god may I ask from yo prayer so my soul don`t die These is real tears I cried And dreamz don`t lie When they tell me dat I`m doin good in da devilz eyez But I preach to Im Be dat same, Nigga put da heat to Im Askin E Dub what da fuck you wan do to Im [E-Dub] E-Dub and Ja An eye for an eye, Gat for Gat Peep Game, Cover the Mic and Spit Flamez Two cats who come strapped, self contained Ain`t shit this raw since Big Daddy Kane Heavyweight, I knock a Nigga out in two Put him to sleep, see dreamz and swear it wasn`t true Look at you, lame, I`m iller, rhyme killa, Comin thru like da return of Godzila Chorus0 Ja and {E-Dub} Now can I tell ya E and Ja top doggz, def squad, Fuckin wit us is like, {suicide} Bow down, real niggaz on da move comin thru blazin you `cause we are {livin l-i-i-fe} Thug style, Hennesey, Blazin treez, Gettin g`s, indeed, `cause we will {do or d-i-i-i-e} Right now by any meanz {Words is bond word is bond} [Ja Rule] Ain`t nobody touchin da ground dat I walk on My Love, It`s just so strong If you crossin me you dead wrong And you know `cause you feel it in yo heart nigga

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