Ja rule – How many wanna (clean version)

[Intro]Yo, yo, uhJa Rule, heh, Murder Inc.Come on, come onYo. yo[1] – I`mma ride to the end of the road babyThis life will drive me crazyBe gettin` right latelywondering when the lord gonna take meWhere all my gangsta`s at? (Yeah)Where all my ladies at? (Ahhh)Never gon` see life without the Lord, they sayWhat`s a thug to do but kneel down and prayLord, forgive meThey`re lookin` down on itSometimes I feel I need out of itSpin me `round one timeClose my eyes, then CLICKonce im dead maybe Ill deserve all thisWorld, get OVER mePlaya hit that ja from what it sound like Mad playas gettin` that rule don`t even sound rightLike, now you caught in that whiplash, ? open eyedYou`re all welcome, dont wanna live my lifeMay God help themAm I resemplafy my sacrifice?Women and ice got me lovin` hells paradiceYou feelin[Repeat 1]My life is caught up in that madnessBut I do deal with itIf the blood`s your heart, live itBaby, don`t die wit itHave to judge my soul (uh)Trippin` outta controlSmashed up on the freewayGotta be the drugroll, give me leywaySlidin` back and unload, murderers don`t foldAny action need to be shown?

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